Swamp Hag Comic & Print

The Swamp Hag is an original superhero character I’ve created and written for over recent years. She discovered her plant-based powers only after her mysterious murder, when she rose from the grave. Her origins even before her murder are gloomy and long-suffering, and I wanted to express that through the dark shades of the interior comic and sparse color.

The cover is a 3-color screen print based on my original illustration, inspired by traditional comics halftone printing and typography. Swamp Hag’s origin is included in a digitally illustrated companion comic included below.

I’ve felt inspired by superhero comics since I was a kid, whether I was sneaking my dad’s Batman books out of his room by night or catching up on the X-Men. While I wanted my project to speak to my own nostalgia, I also wanted to create something distinct from other titles: a hero whose life–and death–has never been perfect, nor her actions. Her story focuses much more on the concept of recovering from cruelty and weighing the temptations of bitterness and anger with the freedom of letting it slip away.

Companion Comic