Celtic Leather Broadbelt

This was a final project assigned in my Junior year with the intention of familiarizing students with the “fab lab”, a workshop in the arts building which allowed students to include laser cutting, CNC, 3D printing, and other fabrication methods into their projects.

I’ve always been enamored with medieval armor, so I decided to be ambitious and design a leather broadbelt (also known as a kidney belt) with custom emblems and hand stitching. Below is my process notes and designs to be laser-etched onto the leather. The badger symbol was placed on the back plate, while the front shield knot was etched on a circular stomach plate.

I finished the piece off by staining the leather a deep red, lining the interior with suede, and hammering in grommets for leather lacing for easy donning and removal.


snarling celtic badger design with knots and swirls by Helen Trascritti
ornate celtic shield knot design by Helen Trascritti