Big Daddy Tobias Greene

“Big Daddy Tobias Greene” was a 5-color screen print crafted entirely using the reduction method. This method makes detailed, multi-layered pieces particularly difficult to produce, and all the more appealing to me. Despite being newer to screen printing, I felt confident in my ability to layer colors and freehand paint my blockout solution skillfully enough onto my screen.

Blockout fluid was applied to a clear screen to produce a base silhouette of the piece. A caveat is that not only should this base silhouette be in the lightest shade, to avoid muddying final colors, but it also must be planned with the rest of the layers already in mind, as each application of blockout solution cannot be wiped from the screen between color changes without risking the entire print. 

I would consider this project among the proudest I’ve created in my time in the print shop. Not only for the quality of the final product, but the effort and careful planning it required.