UT Environmental Navigation

As a final project for Graphic Design III, we were tasked with revamping UT’s wayfinding systems to help improve new students’ experiences as they attempt to navigate campus for the first time.

From my perspective, I consider landmarks and popular social spots as far more universal points of reference among experienced students and faculty on campus. While some students may not be able to tell which way is north or which street is Cass, they can certainly point out Plant Hall, the Hillsborough River, or other major locations.

Therefore I explored a more intuitive approach to on-campus wayfinding by producing new landmarks. In the above example, this would be a colorful mural on the wall across from several design classrooms. Many students complain about a lack of stimulation in the art building due to its bare white walls and lack of windows just about in every classroom. It can get dreary, and I think a splash of color could be just what the building needs to help its creativity flourish.

Furthering the Concept