About Me

My name is Helen Trascritti, and I’m a Senior in Design at the University of Tampa.

I’ve had plenty of experience in communicating with and designing for the public at my positions with the Dali Museum, the Office of Student Conduct, and as Vice President of the UT Gamers Guild, a social organization that teaches and hosts traditional tabletop games.

At my current job, I manage several clients’ SEO and WordPress sites, as well as our social media on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I also assist in crafting websites for clients in a similar manner as to how I created this one.

My dream is to work for a creative company that values understanding, as I believe empathy is the foundation of every strong society, and it can speak to people in a way no language can. I am interested in furthering my passion for screen printing into a career.

My Art

My art focuses on conveying the tension between the suffering life inflicts upon the world and the strength of individuals to overcome it. Among my favorite things to draw is the figure in action, using sweeping motions and a stylized anatomy to speak to this interaction. For me, the hero’s struggle is among the most moving in all of media: that sense of hard-won victory despite all wounds accumulated along the way.

I value understanding above all else. Whether in my design work or my personal art, I strive to communicate and connect, both myself to my viewer and the viewers to themselves and each other. I want to dig into my roots and discover myself: my weaknesses and the reasons for them, yet also my strengths.